About Us

The Lou Walker Senior Center is a multipurpose facility for active senior adults age 55 and older. The 40,000 square foot facility offers spaces and amenities to meet the needs and interests of today’s active older adults. The architectural structure of the facility and programming stimulate the mind and body to remain active.

Our Vision.

  • To create a “senior friendly” Community where seniors are valued and respected.
  • All sectors of the community come together to meet the needs of seniors.
  • Seniors have the opportunity to serve and be served.
  • Seniors live healthy lifestyles with a focus on prevention.
  • The community has easy access to information and services.
  • Seniors have access to efficient, coordinated and comprehensive services that enhance their quality of life.


Our Mission.

The mission of the Lou Walker Senior Center is to maximize independence and enhance the quality of life for the growing number of seniors in the community through serving as a focal point for information and services. To work together to deliver a “world class” program of services with an emphasis on integrity, fairness, open communication and accessibility.


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